Friday, October 29, 2010

Back to Back to the Future

Why is everyone suddenly crazy over Back to the Future?

I don't understand why I'm suddenly seeing Back to the Future everywhere I go. I understand its the 25th anniversary and people love Michael J. Fox because he has Parkinson's. (Let's face it, his popularity has risen dramatically since we found out. I still loved him before.) But, if anything, I would have expected the 30th anniversary to be the big comeback since Marty traveled 30 years into the future in Back to the Future II...

But Playboy is doing a Back to the Future parody? Does that mean Marty and Doc are going to fuck?

My brain hurts.

I am excited about the new Telltale Games Back to the Future video game. It should be an old style adventure in animated style... and I like the old schoool.

I bet someone is trying to figure out how to do a new Back to the Future franchise. Will it be a remake where Marty goes back to meet his parents in 1985? Will it be a sequel where Marty's son finds his dad's time machine? Will Christopher Lloyd still play Doc?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's WTF really struck a cord with me

Go to WTF or type "WTF" into the iTunes store for the full episode.

It's a great show.

Thanks a lot, Marc.

October is the month of fear

So I've Zoë her own blog now. This is to get the ball rolling on the titular series, Most Modern.

I'll be writing more about that soon, but Zoë has decided that every month of the year has a theme and October's is (appropriately enough) fear.

Now, this does not mean that it is the month to be afraid or to spread fear, but rather I've taken it to mean that it is the month to confront your fears and overcome them. I have been making an effort to do things I'm afraid of, but I started the month a bit late and I intend to keep a bit of this mentality into the next month.

Try doing what you're afraid of... even if you don't think that fear is the reason that you are avoiding it. Maybe you haven't been doing something just because it is uncomfortable or difficult... but maybe at the heart of that is fear.

October is the month to destroy your fears... like Batman does every day. Destroy your fears like the Death Star destroys Alderaan.

That is all.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Cast of Genius

Genius is the story of a man who is exposed to an experimental drug that turns him into a genius overnight. At first, he sees this as a solution to his problems, but he soon discovers that being smart can just create much more complicated problems. When he uncovers a series of unlicensed drug trials and similarly extreme results, he decides to take down Caduceus Pharmaceutical, but before he can do any real damage, he is framed for murder and declared insane on the local news.

I'm not sure where this story is going to go from here, but I think its a strong premise and I've had very good responses from people I've told it to. It also seems to be the one that is most personal. It should (hopefully) be the easiest to write.

Below are the leading characters in this story thus far. As usual, any pictures are not literally of them but just a visual aid.


The hero of our story is Simon, a lab assistant in his early twenties. Before he hit puberty, his mother died of a brain tumor. The experience motivated him to become a doctor, but after receiving his BS, he dropped out of school due to lack of money. He took a job with Caduceus Pharmaceutical as a lab assistant testing new drugs on monkeys. He became increasingly depressed while his girlfriend continued to pursue her own medical degree. She broke up with him recently.

After being exposed to the experimental drug, Simon's hair falls out. The visual connotations of baldness include intellect, weakness, and villainy which all work well as Simon is something of an anti-hero. His new found intellect draws out some of his more difficult character traits including paranoia and arrogance.


After Simon is framed as an insane murderer, he is sent to a sanitarium where he meets Alice. Alice is a transvestite who is clearly insane, but very sweet and child-like. She becomes Simon's only friend while he is imprisoned. She isn't particularly smart, but she looks after Simon, so when he escapes, he brings Alice with him.

Alice's clear insanity should provide a good contrast to Simon's claims of being perfectly lucid and rational. Simon is what a hero should be. He is driven, confident, and proactive, but he'll probably never be half as happy as Alice is on her worst day.


Priapus is the head of Caduceus Pharmaceutical. I can't decide if Priapus is actually his name or just the best I can come up with right now. He is actually based on the Greek mythical figure known for his ridiculously large penis and tendency to fuck his enemies in the ass (literally).

He is, quite simply, a prick. He is pansexual and completely lacking in any sense of morality. Simply put, he wants to fuck everyone over repeatedly, especially those most resistant to it. I tend to think of him as Lex Luthor if he wanted to make Superman his sex slave. Naturally, he wants to fuck no one quite as much as our hero.

Priapus doesn't really have any "powers" (although if you asked him, he'd say he has the power of his cock). He used to suffer from impotence before testing a precursor to viagra. It worked, but his sex drive is about ten times that of a normal person and he was "gifted" with an obscenely large penis (roughly 12 inches). His desires not only include sex, but power. The drug also increased his ambition, which is why he makes for a perfect CEO. He will not let any opportunities pass him by.

Patrick & Mercy

Once Simon goes on the run, he soon realizes that he can't get far on his own so he contracts the services of San Francisco's best detective agency: the lesbian detectives Patrick and Mercy (last names currently unknown).

The concept for these characters grew from a joke about Peppermint Patty and Marcie growing up to become a lesbian couple who also solve crimes. Patrick is a butch who fought for Special Forces in Iraq. She is the muscle of the pair and she has a "take no shit" attitude. The only thing she loves in the world is Mercy and she will do anything for her.

Mercy is a lifelong geek and wallflower. Before she met Patrick, she spoke so quietly that people rarely heard her. If you met her, you would say she is still shy, plain, and unassuming, but if you had met her before, you would clearly see how much being with Patrick has changed her for the better. Mercy is the brains of the operation. She does the background research and manages the business.


Originally sent to find Simon, Mecca was a car thief who went to prison until he volunteered to test an experimental drug. He soon found that he had increased right-brain activity which gave him an innately powerful sense of logic to the degree that he can tell how most machines works just by looking at it. Not only that, but he is a master driver and a perfect shot with his revolver.

Mecca (short for "the Mechanic") worked odd jobs for Caduceus until meeting Simon. He is deeply spiritual, although of no particular faith, and he is starting to question what he has done for the company who got him out of jail.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Buddhism FTW!

Someone put together a Venn diagram of the opinions people have of the different religions based on Google searches.

Check out the results.

Wonder Woman concept art

This early Wonder Woman concept art was just released with notes by artist Harry Peter and writer William Moulton Marston.

Where Labor Day came from

I know it isn't Labor Day, but do you ever wonder what it is supposed to be about?

I was thinking about holiday's recently and how most of them have lost their meaning. They are usually just days we get off or days we don't. Several are reserved for being patriotic.

Labor Day commemorates the deaths of thirteen union workers at the hands of US military and US marshals during the Pullman Strike of 1894. The town of Pullman was owned by George Pullman who enjoyed complete monopolistic control of the town businesses when he cut wages and enforced a 12-hour work day. The leader of the strike was Eugene V. Debs. Although he was not a socialist at the time, he was arrested following the strike and read the works of Karl Marx in prison. He would soon become America's most famous socialist. Debs' actions were validated by the Supreme Court, and in 1898, the Illinois Supreme Court declared Pullman's "company town" to be "un-American" and he was forced to divest ownership.

Maybe next Labor Day we should all remember why we have the day off and ask what we can do for the those in labor who have fought so hard to give us all basic rights in the workplace.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Okay... writing progress report...

I'm not working on Astonishing Adventures right now because its a motherfucking monster. Writing an epic is hard... writing an epic in historical fiction while balancing out relevant themes and making allusions to comic culture is a bitch.

Last night I started drafting up some work for the first issue of Genius. I felt like Sisyphus; every sentence was a battle... but I more or less have something. I wrote a draft of his origin. Basically, it's the first act. The second act is tough. This is the part where he finds out about his new intellect and uses it. Aside from gambling, I don't know what you would use a brilliant intellect for. Hitting on women?

The trajectory for this project is that as the hero becomes smarter, he sees society as a totalitarian conspiracy and he is continually frustrated by the stupidity of others. His desire to fix it goes over the edge to jerk and possibly even psychotic. I want the reader fascinated by the hero, but not entirely behind him.

I'm going to try to focus more on Stargame. My collaborative partner found out about a new Flash program that may cut down on a lot of the programming, so maybe we can push it forward. Apparently I have to write chapter one in order for us to work on it, though I'm not sure I understand why.

Going to try to do these for a while. Most Modern also wants some attention, but I'm not ready for that yet either.

I'm also working on a romance/erotica thing. Don't know if I'll try to publish it. Just working out some issues.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


A cool, dull roar echoes in my head
Drowning out any other thoughts and feelings.
When I dare to feel
My heart doesn’t let me.

My heart doesn’t have an outlet
Or an inlet.
When it beats, when it pulses
It echoes in my head
But in life
That resonance has nowhere to go.

So when I feel, it is all I feel
But it doesn’t change anything.
When I feel
It overwhelms me.
And I have to learn to bundle it back up
Lock it away.

So I have learned to instinctively shut off every feeling at the source.
Tightening the valve

And when I want to play
When I want to capture a feeling
When I want to remember what it felt like
To love
To lust
To desire
My heart clamps down on it and warns me.

It knows better.

Monday, October 11, 2010

In The Year 2525

Sorry, no animation on this one.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zack Snyder is directing the Superman movie

So Zack Snyder is directing the Superman movie...

He previously brought us 300 and Watchmen...


So he did two comic book movies and he is qualified to do another one? Is that how it works?

You couldn't have found someone who, I don't know, has storytelling qualities which will best exemplify the tone and major themes of Superman?


Now I'm acting like comic books have literary themes. How stupid of me...


Everyone is writing their guidelines to making a good Superman film. Pretty much everyone agrees they need a new villain, someone for Superman to punch repeatedly, but rumor has it, they are just going to do Zod again (ho-hum).

Anyway, I threw my 2-cents in years ago... and here are the links if you haven't read them.

Saving The Franchise: Superman - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Casting The Ultimate Superman Movies

Monday, October 4, 2010

Can you remember what this felt like?

I can't.

Astonishing Adventures - Character Designs

These are some character designs I made using City of Heroes. These are the closest visual approximations I could make of my characters. Hope you like them.